Managing your bowels


Managing your bowels discusses why bowel problems can be part of MS and provides a practical approach to their management. It includes comments and tips from people with MS who know what it is like to live with bowel problems.

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Around half of all people with MS experience bowel problems at some time. Many people find these symptoms difficult to talk about as they can cause embarrassment, but with the right information and support, the majority of bowel problems can be managed successfully so they no longer impact, or have as much impact, on your daily life.

This book aims to provide practical ideas and suggestions that will help you successfully manage your bowel problems.

It contains information on these key topics:

  • Talking about bowel problems
  • When should I contact a health professional?
    • What will happen at my appointment?
  • How your bowel works
    • What can happen in MS?
  • Constipation
    • Why it happens
    • Tips to improve constipation
    • Treatment options
  • Loose bowel movements
    • Managing loose bowel movements
  • Bowel accidents
    • Managing bowel accidents
    • Products that can help
    • Skin care
    • Managing wind
  • Getting to know your bowels
    • Keeping a bowel diary
  • Working with your health professionals
  • Living well with bowel problems
  • Sources of help and support

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Date published: March 2024
Pages: 36
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