Making Sense of MS: Core book


The Making Sense of MS core book contains introductory information that may be helpful if you have been recently diagnosed with MS. It covers what MS is, what happens after you’re diagnosed, preparing for appointments with health professionals and how to live well with MS. This is a companion to the postcard-sized Making Sense of MS booklet.

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Finding good, reliable information you can trust is important, particularly when you’re newly diagnosed with MS. Learning about MS can help you take control and feel more secure in what may feel like uncertain times.

The Making Sense of MS resource aims to answer the most commonly asked questions after diagnosis. It gives an overview on the topics that people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) have told us are the most useful for those new to MS. This is a companion to the postcard-sized Making Sense of MS booklet.

It contains information on these key topics:

What is MS? – an overview of what MS is, why it happens and what the symptoms are.

What happens after diagnosis? – looks at how you might feel after diagnosis, who you need to tell and where to get support.

Making the most of appointments – looks at how to get the best out of appointments with health professionals, questions you might ask and ideas that might help you prepare for appointments.

Living well with MS – practical information on living well with MS including diet and lifestyle, exercise and fatigue, stress and relaxation, and symptom management.


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Date published: February 2024
Pages: 32
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