Are you sitting comfortably..?


Are you sitting comfortably..? a self-help guide to good posture in sitting.

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Are you sitting comfortably..? has been written primarily for people with MS, but the information it contains may also be useful to the people who live with them and those who help care for them, including health professionals.

Simple changes in posture can have a beneficial impact on anyone who spends most of their day sitting down. The aim of this book is to provide some basic information on making sure that your posture is as good as possible.

It contains information on these key topics:

  • Why is a good sitting position important?
  • What is ‘good’ posture?
  • What is ‘bad’ posture?
  • What is your posture like in sitting?
  • How bad posture causes damage?
  • Understanding the role of the pelvis in achieving a stable posture
  • Useful tips

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Publication information

Date published: September 2016
Pages: 28

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