MS and me


MS and me is a self-management guide to living with MS. It looks at setting goals, problem solving and healthy living, explores how to better understand your symptoms and how working with health professionals can help you make decisions and treatment choices.

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When you are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis you are embarking on a lifelong journey. This book will help you to understand more about your own MS and find the most effective ways to manage this wherever you are on that path.

It contains information on these key topics:

  • What is self-management?
    • Adjusting to a diagnosis of MS
    • How you think and feel about yourself
    • Taking a positive approach
  • Self-management techniques
    • Knowledge is power – monitoring your MS
    • Goal setting
    • Problem solving
  • Self-management in action
    • Recognising a relapse
    • Dealing with symptoms
    • Making treatment choices
    • Utilising resources – the value of information
    • Working in partnership with health professionals
  • Living well
    • Activity and exercise
    • Food and drink
    • Health awareness
  • Barriers to self-management
    • Stress
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Overcoming the barriers
  • Helpful hints
  • More information
    • Self-management courses
    • Information from the MS Trust

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Date published: May 2015, updated December 2018
Pages: 44
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