Disease modifying drugs


If you are considering treatment with one of the disease modifying drugs for relapsing MS, this book will help you to understand how the drugs work and to have informed discussions with your health team about your treatment options.

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Disease modifying drugs (DMDs) are a group of treatments for people with relapsing multiple sclerosis.

There is a wide range of drugs approved for use by the NHS in the UK. Each drug offers a different combination of benefits and risks. This guide explains what the DMDs are, will help you explore your options and discuss starting or switching between one of the drugs with your MS team. This guide is not intended as a substitute for clinical advice.

It contains information on these key topics:

  • What is MS?
  • What are disease modifying drugs?
  • Making your choice
  • Starting, switching and stopping
  • Conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Disease modifying drugs
    • Beta interferons – Avonex, Betaferon, Extavia, Plegridy, Rebif
    • Copaxone and Brabio
    • Aubagio
    • Tecfidera
    • Gilenya
    • Mavenclad
    • Ocrevus
    • Tysabri
    • Lemtrada
  • Further sources of information and support
  • DMD comparison table

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Date published: October 2018
Pages: 62
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