Sex & MS: a guide for men


Sex & MS: a guide for men looks at how MS can affect the sex lives of men and discusses some approaches that may help you find help to manage these issues.

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This book will discuss some of the complicated factors that contribute to sexual issues for men with MS and some approaches that may help manage these.

It contains information on these key topics:

  • Sexual response – how it should work
  • Managing sexual issues
  • Reduced sexual desire
    • Ideas for coping with some of the emotional effects of MS
  • Getting to know your body
    • Body mapping exercises
  • Erectile dysfunction
    • Managing erectile dysfunction
      • Medication
      • Other treatments
  • Delayed or absent orgasms and ejaculation
  • The effect of other MS symptoms
  • Talking about sexual issues
    • Talking to partners
    • Talking to professionals
    • Some ideas for raising the subject of sex
  • The partner’s perspective
    • Thoughts on sex from men with MS
  • Resources and links
    • Organisations
    • Other Publications
    • Sex aids

Printed publication, Digital download

Publication information

Date published: August 2018
Pages: 52
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