MSAW Information Pack


Download your free MS information pack. We’ve put together a series of posters and social sharing images to help you raise awareness of multiple sclerosis and the MS Trust this MS Awareness Week.

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Our free information pack includes everything you need to get involved this MS Awareness Week, 25 April to 1 May, 2022. It includes:

Put up a poster at your office, school or event and let others know you’re supporting MS Awareness Week. There are five designs available including, five facts about MS, what is multiple sclerosis? and our thinking and memory problems resource, Staying Smart.

Social sharing images
Social media is a great way to show your support and raise awareness. Our social sharing images for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter come in ten designs, each containing a key fact about MS.

Zoom backgrounds
Whether it’s on a meeting or a call to family or friends, our Zoom backgrounds offer an easy and visual way to raise awareness of MS and the MS Trust. There are ten designs to choose from in different styles and colours, including our signature blue.


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Date published: March 2022